Patient Experience – How much does it matter to you?

Your patient should be your universe

When it comes to customer satisfaction, regardless of the industry or the products and services we provide, we must always put a client’s wants and needs first. The importance of this is even more so in regards to medical and cosmetic treatments, as we are selling services that change lives.

Ensuring that a patient is treated in the best possible way does not always mean giving them exactly what they ask for, either. While many celebrate the traditional cliché of “the customer is always right,” this is not necessarily the case for us medical professionals. As an aesthetic clinic, it is your job to first listen to the desires of your client before carrying out an assessment. It is often that a patient thinks they need a certain treatment, when in actual fact they are much more suitable for another treatment entirely. Your patient’s well-being should be at the forefront of your every decision; their needs are of the highest priority, and we must never compromise their safety or our own professional conduct.

We should all agree how important it is for us to establish a strong relationship and a sense of trust with a patient, which is usually established during an initial consultation. At iConsult, we believe these initial consultations should be as comprehensive and beneficial to the patient as possible; if your consultations are not at least half an hour long, then this is bad practice as it is impossible to obtain the relevant information and fully assess a patient in less than this time.

Patients are not simply purchasing a product; they are literally putting their safety in your hands. Without trust, they will lack confidence in your abilities and no doubt develop a reluctance to further pursue future treatments. However, through forming a concrete relationship, patients will develop a loyalty to you and continue to seek treatment with your clinic in the future, perhaps even referring friends and family also.

You should want your patients to be treated in the best way possible. You have a reputation to build and maintain, and your patient journey is the aspect that can make you or break you. This is why your patient should always be at the centre of your universe!


Patient ExperienceHow can iConsult help?

  • As mentioned, the patient journey is the most important factor for a clinic; by keeping a patient as happy as possible, you can retain them for a very long time. Documenting this journey accurately via images and medical notes is almost as important as the patient experience itself. iConsult can help you to manage all of this documentation in one place.
  • Your before and after images should always be consistent; keeping this consistency confirms credibility and is more likely to earn the trust of new patients. If you are taking photographs on a separate system, how are you transporting your images? From a digital camera or device to your practice management software? If so, for compliance purposes this is an absolute potential minefield of issues. How can you guarantee the safety of images transported on a memory stick, for example? iConsult helps you to guarantee consistency with all photographs.
  • STACIE. Safety, Transparency, Accountability, Compliance, Integrity, Engagement. We bring all of this to the most important part of your business – the patient journey.

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