Richard Crawford-Small to Speak at PMU Conference 2017

Richard Crawford-Small will be talking and exhibiting iConsult at the UK PMU Conference 2017 at London Gatwick on 4th, 5th, 6th April.

1. What will you be speaking about at the UK 2017 PMU Conference and why is this event important to you?

I’m very excited to have been invited to speak, and I’m looking forward to helping the attendees begin a journey that will help them to create compelling experiences for their customers.

The iConsult system will help them to increase the efficiency of the business and really simplify note taking, record keeping and also how they can take photos of the treatments.

The attendees at the conference are obviously looking to improve their skills and develop their knowledge.

Why? Personal development, but also to help give them an edge over their competition, and by creating an engaging client journey that connects with their customer on an emotional level is key to business growth.

That is what I do, I help practitioners use technology to create pathways that put their clients at the centre of their universe.

PMU is hugely important, because as the market grows new clients become scarcer, and competition increases. As a result client satisfaction and repeat visits grow in importance.

2. What role do Medi-Aesthetics treatments play in the beauty industry and how do you think they will evolve over the next couple of years? A huge part to play. The Medi-Aesthetics industry is booming and, if you add to this the increasing numbers of Beauty Therapists training to carry out injectable treatments there is real pressure on business to drop pricing in order to compete. The cosmeceutical market is growing rapidly also, so the opportunity is there for treatment packages that encompass all these disciplines.

3. What are the top 5 mistakes that you feel businesses make in Medi-Aesthetics? The focussing on speed, not outcome

  • Putting price before service and quality
  • No defined your Unique Selling Points
  • No risk management strategy
  • There is no clear plan of action
  • Focusing on the wrong technologies

I’ll be covering all of this during my session, and attendees will leave with a clear plan of action on how to take their customer journey to the next level, build trust, stay safe and increase revenue.

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