Running your clinic the ‘iConsult way’

When you open your own clinic, it is exciting for so many reasons:

  • You decide your ‘tone of voice’;
  • You can choose your own brand, products, and treatment offering;
  • You can develop an in-depth strategic plan to ensure you are marketing to your niche, target audience;
  • You can build a website and other media content to drive online enquiries;
  • You can hire a skilled and knowledgeable team who have the right values you are looking for in both office staff and aesthetic practitioners;
  • You can work towards prestigious industry awards;
  • You can offer your own service for your patients, that in your own way is unrivalled by any other clinic in the country.


iconsult wayThis final point is what we try to concentrate on here at iConsult, although we are happy to help any new clinic with any questions you might have about the start-up process.

Many of our lovely clients that choose to use our software have something in common – they all want to give a better patient experience, because patient care and patient experience is of the utmost importance, and is what will help you grow as a long-term, successful clinic.

How does iConsult work?

iConsult is a new-age clinic management system that conveniently operates through an iPad application, and has already helped over 500 clinics to enhance their processes and patient experience. It encompasses all aspects of the patient journey that you could require to be documented within your clinic, including:

  • New patient registration and medical history
  • Treatment planning and consent forms (with digital signatures)
  • Facial product mapping
  • Before and after images (all hosted in an easily accessible gallery within the app), which also enhances clinical studies, patient case studies, and evidence to use for your own research and marketing
  • All paperwork (now digital information) relating to a patient is accessible at the click of a button, ensuring that you can handle complications, discrepancies or complaints in the most effective possible way
  • Patients can view their treatment progression and results over time
  • STACIE (our core values) – Safety, Transparency, Accountability, Compliance, Integrity, Engagement. iConsult brings all of this to your business, helping you to offer your patients an optimum, unrivalled and secure service throughout their treatment process with you


iconsultmanagementIn addition to all of the above, iConsult also includes the essential clinic management tools that you all will require front-of-house, including:

  • Calendar/diary
  • Appointment bookings
  • Reminders
  • Full patient database
  • Business reporting

See for yourself!

If you’re intrigued and would like to find out a bit more about iConsult, then please get in touch and we can arrange for a free demonstration for you to see the incredible functionalities available to you with our clinic management software.

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