Being Accountable In Your Practice – What Does It Mean?

Accountability in Aesthetics

So what do we mean by ‘accountability’? Simply, to be accountable means taking responsibility for your actions. In aesthetics, it should also mean that you have confidence in your competence to perform a treatment; you are giving the best possible advice, and the best interests of your patients and clients come first, before anything.

A very simple way of ensuring you are integrating accountability within your practice is to know that you can justify every course of action when consulting with or treating a patient. Ask yourself these questions:

Is treatment at your clinic the best solution for the patient’s problem or concern? Can you justify this?

If it’s not you treating the patient, is the practitioner under your supervision competent, trained and confident in performing this aesthetic procedure safely?

Are you providing the highest levels of patient care and safety at all times?

Have you explained the treatment plan clearly to the patient; are they aware of any possible risks or side effects associated?

Have you taken photographs of the patient pre-treatment?

How does iConsult practice Accountability?

iConsult is the only clinic management software that ensures accountability is easily achieved throughout the entire treatment process. Easily operated through an iPad app, the consultation process when using iConsult is much more comprehensive for both the patient and practitioner.

The step-by-step process ensures that the patient is aware of everything to do with the desired treatment, with ‘before’ images also being taken at the time of consultation. Psychological profiling with iConsult allows you to also ensure the safety and wellbeing of your patients at all times.

The iConsult Software system is secure, cloud-based and digitally encrypted, and it is also the only clinic software on the market today that is backed by medico-legal lawyers.


Follow the link here to watch Richard Crawford-Small on the iConsult YouTube page talking about Accountability

The iConsult Core Values

Accountability is one of our core values at iConsult Software, and if it’s not a core value within your own aesthetic business then you should really be having a word with yourself; a clinic that doesn’t practice real accountability within their everyday processes should not be treating patients.

Our full list of core values includes:

S – Safety
T – Transparency
A – Accountability
C – Compliance
I – Integrity
E – Engagement

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Do you want to make sure that your consultation process is the best it can possibly be for your patients? If so, try out the iConsult demo today. Our SILVER package is just £150/month – a very small value to guarantee you are safe, transparent, accountable, compliant, integral and engaged with your patients at all times.


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