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Top Tips For Starting Your Own Private Practice

Know Who You Are

When it comes to building your own business, whether that’s within the aesthetic medicine industry or not, it is so important to establish exactly who you are and how you want to be perceived. Having a strong brand and a strategic message is the foundation to the success and growth of your private practice as you are implementing a specific direction and plan for moving forward.

You’ll hone in on the type of audience you wish to target in order to drive business through your door. So you need to be sure of yourself, otherwise how is anyone else going to have confidence in your skills and what you can offer them?

Get Your “Marketing Game” On

With the dominating influence of social media in modern society, it has never been more important to establish your online presence as a business. Begin by first setting up social media platforms, including the three giants; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn is good too, but more for networking and getting noticed within a professional circle, as opposed to creating patient leads. Then make sure you have a website that looks clean and fresh, as well as being built on a platform that search engines will like and recognise.
Making the most of your online presence comes down to effective optimisation and a strong content marketing strategy in order to extend your visibility, reach, and impressions. On the other hand, branded materials for your clinic are also an essential for increased visibility and promotion, such as leaflets, business cards, branded consent forms, and other patient materials.private practice

iConsult Clinic Management Software

Customer service is undoubtedly an essential component in building your reputation, which is the backbone to a successful business. iConsult is a fantastic clinic management system in the form of an iPad app that guides you through each step of the patient experience, from consultation through to treatment and aftercare, to ensure that the experience is both consistent and compliant.
Take some of the weight off of starting your private practice with the help of iConsult and now, iConsult Lite! This version of our software is FREE and designed specifically for start-ups and low level practices. You can find out more about iConsult Lite by visiting our website and taking a look at another of our recent blog posts!

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