Why is it so important to ENGAGE with your patients?

To engage with your patients is crucial to your eventual business success, whether you are a small, private practice or part of a larger chain. You need to develop an understanding of your client through building a good rapport so that you are aware of their wants and needs in order to edit your approach and provide the best service you possibly can. As a patient, they want their experience with your clinic to be memorable for the right reasons, and it is your job to ensure that this happens.

Word of mouth can be very detrimental to your reputation if you leave a poor impression, especially in an age dominated by social media where word can spread like wildfire. Engagement is the key to creating lasting and loyal client relationships.

iConsult values

Our unique iConsult application software is an easy step-by-step approach to clinic management and the consultation process, where we focus on 6 main values:

– Safety
– Transparency
– Accountability
– Compliance
– Integrity
– Engagement

Build a relationship with your patientsengage

We pride ourselves on a technique that delivers great business results and builds stronger relationships between you and your clients. Everything you need is at your fingertips with the iConsult iPad app, making clinic management easier than ever. In terms of engagement, iConsult helps to gain the trust of your patients through building a good rapport on an emotional level. They can follow their progress by means of the image gallery, enriching their experience and further strengthening your mutual relationship. Not only that, but that handy gallery tool allows for easy portfolio development and case study documentation.

iConsult packages

We offer a number of packages, starting with our new FREE version of iConsult – iConsult Lite, designed specifically for startups and independent practitioners.

One step up from this: our Silver iConsult package is priced at just £150 per month. But in order to take full advantage of our innovative software, our packages range up to the Ultimate £450 per month package, depending on the needs of your clinic.

We’re sure you’ll agree – a small price to pay for a sure-fire, attentive clinic management and consultation system that is sure to reap the benefits from the outset.
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Closing Down...

iConsult will shut down on 17 August 2020.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to access your data.

1. Login to the iConsult Platform (www.iconsult.global) and print off/save as PDF all the records you will need to service your immediate needs running up to 17 August. The system will be shut down on this date, and we will make a backup of all data on the system at this time.

2. We have created a simple, secure portal which will enable you to download patient records in a spreadsheet format for you to store locally and/or import into another system.

The URL for this portal is https://downloads.iconsult-aesthetic.com

Look out for an email with your login details following the 17 August. You will have to reset your password before you gain access to the downloads.

Downloading the files will also allow you to meet the requirement to store patient records for the required period [https://www.bma.org.uk/advice-and-support/ethics/confidentiality-and-health-records/retention-of-health-records

3. We will hold the portal open until 1st September 2021, thereafter we will shut down the online access and keep a physical copy of the data backup.

4. This physical copy will be destroyed on 1st January 2021, if you need access to any files during this time it will incur a charge.

If you have any queries please email [email protected]