What does Apple share with Pot Noodle?

I realised recently at one of the aesthetic industry conferences I went to that support for emerging aesthetics businesses, is actually pretty poor. I’ve been in the medical aesthetics market since 2004, and I’ve sold across hyaluronic acid fillers with Inamed in 2004, through collagen, Botox, Inspira breast implants, and worked on sales ranging from £100 box of filler through to multimillion cross portfolio deals. In 2010 I set up RCS Consulting, and between then and now I’ve created product portfolios help aesthetic businesses to maximise client value.

If you are just starting out in this wild world, I’m going to help you to grow your business, and start on the right foot. Right now, starting with this blog. What we will do, from here is to go right back to basics and have a look at some of the core foundations of selling, because it’s sales that effectively is the lifeblood of your business.

Sales make everything better, and I know from working with the medical fraternity  that sometimes you’re really quite uncomfortable with selling, so I want to help you to accept that selling is actually a legitimate part of your business.

Your company has one goal, that goal is to generate profit, and to generate profit you must sell, and you can do it ethically.

Here are five companies, all very, very different, and yet they all have one commonality.

Rolex, Apple, Coca-Cola, Tesla, Google – what is the element that connects these brands?

Have a think about that for a moment.


The answer is three-fold.

  1. They don’t actually sell what they manufacture
  2. They are also underpinned by a world class sales process
  3. Their marketing efforts hit you at the emotional centres of your brain.

To give you an example of what that means, let’s look at Rolex. Now Rolex don’t sell watches, they sell success.

I don’t have a Rolex watch, but I have my eye on a nice 1970 Black dialled DateJust. Why?

Well, if you look at this advert, look at the bold statements – “CHANGE THE WORLD”……WHO WEAR THEM’

Pretty clear this is an instruction, “Change the world.”

Look at who it’s actually targeted at, “those who wear them”. If you look at the tone of that ad, it triggers a conversation in your limbic brain and kicks off  a conversation that goes something like this. “Microphones, change the world, he must be really important, important and powerful man he has lots of testosterone. I need to feel powerful. Powerful men get lots of sex. I need lots of sex. I must get a Rolex watch immediately.

The whole purpose of that advert is to trigger the desire to purchase, and if you look at it, it’s quite an effective ad. I was quite happy with my watch until this ad challenged my masculinity.

It’s the same with Apple –  they don’t sell computers, they sell genius, intelligence, creativity and status.

If you have a Mac, whatever it is you are doing, arguably you could use a £400 Dell computer. Indeed, I could write this blog on a Dell computer, but if I did that, the Apple logo wouldn’t make Batman light up in the way he does. Therefore I wouldn’t appear creative, bold and edgy during meetings and it would impact my personal brand. Can’t have that.

Here is Tesla, Elon Musk’s latest lovechild – what do you think they sell?


So Cola-Cola don’t sell sugared water, they sell spirit.

They sell the Coke side of life. They sell how they want to teach the world to sing. Arguably you could say they sell childhood obesity in a bottle. And there’s nothing in that advert that talks about the actual product itself, it’s all talking about lifestyle.



So in our first exercise today is I want you to tell me what it is that you sell. imagine this as a scenario. You meet an old friend in the queue in a coffee shop, and they ask you,

“What are you doing now?”

“What are you doing for a living?”

The medical aesthetics, beauty therapy, aesthetic therapy industry is booming and with that competition intensifies.

It’s not just those high value brands that sell in that way, so do Pot Noodle.

Now Pot Noodle, believe it or not, they don’t actually in their advertising, they’re not talking about noodles. So what do you think Pot Noodle is actually selling?

Pot Noodle is selling the saving of time.

This is a pot of food, and in their website they state

“In an age where anything is possible – with hard work, desire and a little time on your side – there’s never been a better time to chase your dreams, no matter how unconventional they may be.”

Pot Noodle sell Time, Rolex sell Sex, Apple sell creativity, Tesla sell accomplishment, Coca-Cola sell spirit.

What do you sell?

In our next blog, we will explore how your answer to this question can significantly increase your profits.


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