How Can iConsult Software Improve Your Patient Journey?

Whatever your business practices, it is important to focus energies into formulating the processes that compromise your patient journey. Not only will this ensure every patient, whether brand new or a returning client, receives the same level of care and high quality service, it can also help increase your potential for retention.

iConsult is here to help you make improvements to the business practices you already have in place, and a large part of this relates to the experiences of your patients.

What is the Patient Journey?

The patient journey is, simply put, the processes and experiences the patient must go through whilst they undertake aesthetic treatments. As an aesthetic clinic, perfecting your patient journey should be your top priority.

Not only will this help you retain clients over a long-term basis, but greatly improve your reputation within the industry and increase the potential of further clients choosing you as their practitioner. However, do not make the mistake of believing the clinic journey begins when your customer steps foot in your clinic. The customer journey starts the moment the patient begins to think about needing treatment, and it is your job as a clinic to incorporate this into your patient journey processes.

Formulating a client journey on your own is a daunting process. Not only is there the procedure itself to think about, but consultation, consent, record keeping, note-taking, treatment planning, marketing and customer service are all important factors of the patient journey. It is a collaborative process that involves every member of your clinic team. Without systems in place to keep a record of every step, it is impossible to deliver the standard of service you are fully capable of.

iConsult and The Patient Journey

Did you know that iConsult has already helped over 500 aesthetic clinics transform their business practices for the better? This starts with the patient journey. Although iConsult has always been designed with the convenience of aesthetic practitioners, from our very beginnings, we have been utterly focussed on centering change around the patients at the other end of the service. iConsult is unique data recording software, and we don’t only save, store, and protect your clients’ information. We are at your disposal as a tool to be utilised by every member of your team, from your front of house staff to the most experienced aesthetician, in order to ensure improvements in every patient’s journey.

Prior to the implementation of iConsult, the progression of the patient journey could often be hindered by each clinic’s method of data storage. Whether due to misfiling, or just the time-consuming process of locating the correct documentation, focus was regularly detracted from the patient. iConsult gave clinics an intuitive interface that enabled them to keep all relevant data, from images to medical notes, in one place, affording the ability for practitioners to provide patients with their undivided attention during consultations. This ease of access increases the level of professional delivered by aestheticians and enables you to provide your highest level of practice for every patient, every time.

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The Right Approach, Every Time

Whilst it is vital to remember to address each patient as an individual with unique needs and expectations from their treatment, a step-by-step process is advised to ensure each patient receives the same level of attention, care and fosters a level of consistency. iConsult prompts the members of your team which questions to ask, and the right time to ask them, to create a thorough, accurate, and continued level of practice that your patients will come to expect.

iConsult also promotes a culture of patient engagement, which involves building long-term relationships with your clients and putting your clients needs first. It is difficult to overstate the importance of this in the aesthetics industry, where patients put a large degree of trust in you to achieve their desired results. By cultivating positive relationships with your clients, it removes the degree of uncertainty and doubt and drastically increases the chance of return business. iConsult revolutionises the customer journey, extending the process from the patient’s very first google search through to aftercare and beyond, transforming the linear into cyclical as your clients return to you time and time again for their aesthetic needs.

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