iConsult – A Game Changer For Beauty Salons and Therapists

iConsult is a revolutionary tool that has already aided over 500 clinics to transform their businesses. However, the benefits of iConsult extend far beyond medical aesthetics. Many beauty salons and spas will find that our intuitive interface and helpful features can help to rejuvenate the way you operate, right down to helping you strengthen that important bond between client and therapist.

Save money and say ‘goodbye’ to paperwork!

Digitising paperwork can often be an expensive endeavour, particularly when you have important consent forms and client information that needs to be kept confidential at all costs. At iConsult, we appreciate that spending your hard-earned profit on such software may seem a bit of a risk, which is why we have developed iConsult Lite, a FREE version of iConsult specifically designed for practitioners who are just starting out.

iConsult Lite is the perfect way to introduce some of iConsult’s key features to your salon, allowing the user to store up to 100 patient or client profiles, use the software to aid in up to 5 consultations per day, and access all of the same benefits of the full version of iConsult, including risk assessments, consent forms, and before and after images, all in one handy device. iConsult is the ultimate accessory to ensuring your consultation process is up to the highest possible standard, and improve the entire patient journey; iConsult Lite is the perfect way to try it out at absolutely no cost to you.

Moving into Aesthetics?

The aesthetics industry is only growing, and many beauty salons are making the natural expansion into the industry. If you are planning on making the progression into offering aesthetic treatments or even semi-permanent makeup, iConsult is perfectly placed to help you every step of the way. We were conceived and developed purposely for the aesthetics market, and this is ingrained in all of our features. This means that by implementing iConsult within your business, you won’t have to worry about adapting your compliance processes in line with what is required for aesthetics services – you will already be doing it without a second thought thanks to iConsult’s intuitive, yet thorough consultation aid.

Beauty Discovery Days

The support of iConsult for our clients goes far beyond our software. Our regular iConsult Discovery Days are comprehensive marketing workshops organised by our founder, Richard Crawford-Small, to help aesthetic businesses enhance their marketing techniques. In just one day, you will formulate a six month marketing plan with help from industry experts and how to make this work for you.

Our next Discovery Day, on January 10th, is specifically designed for beauty salons and spas, and a must-attend for any salon owner looking to see what iConsult can do to transform your business. Click here for more information.

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