The iConsult Story


The iConsult concept came into being one afternoon in 2010, when Richard was in the waiting room of a prestigious London aesthetic clinic, watching an incredible situation unfold. A woman (let’s call her ‘Stacie’) who was clearly on her first visit was nervously filling out medical history forms and waiting patiently to be seen by the practitioner. Stacie waited… and waited… and finally when it was her turn to be seen, a ‘regular’ customer swept in off the street and straight into the treatment room ahead of her. Embarrassed and overlooked, Stacie sat back down and continued to wait. Finally, she was seen by the famous practitioner but her appointment and treatment were over in less than fifteen minutes.  Shortly after leaving the clinic, Stacie was on the phone to the receptionist to complain about her experience – hardly surprising!

Richard witnessed this situation first hand and it inspired him to create a clinic management system which would make Staci’s experience not only a thing of the past, but IMPOSSIBLE. Hence – iConsult was born and has been specifically created to adhere to the core values inspired by STACIE:

By creating a best-practice pathway, iConsult guides practitioners each step of the way to ensure patients receive a consistent and compliant experience – with proper consultation and consent, treatment planning and record-keeping. In addition, the system helps practitioners create lasting relationships and maximise the lifetime value of each and every patient. End to end support with diary management and patient follow-up brings front of house straight in line with patient management!

I decided this was unacceptable

My experience within that clinic is one that resonates with many patients and it is and experience that can easily be overcome with simple processes in place. iConsult it is true can never replace a human being and prevent that human interaction from being good or bad, it can however remind the practitioner that they have guidance in a simple application that can ensure a patient experience worth reviewing.

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Our Process

Client Safety is our primary concern, it underpins what we offer and it should underpin the sector in which our clients operate.
Because we have nothing to hide Transparency does not worry us and we believe on being open and honest with our clients.
We may make mistakes, but we are accountable for what we do and for the advice we give.
We are committed to compliance and our aim is to help our clients to create a sector where compliance is seen a benefit not a hindrance.
We embrace our Integrity, and are proud of it, it follows on from being transparent and we encourage our clients to do the same.
Part of our mantra is to ensure that we will Engage effectively with every client.

Our Clients.